Dear Class Members, Dear Fellow Sailors,

First of all it is a great honor for me to be elected as the L30 class president. I will take all possible means to further popularize this fantastic class and boat, to invite more members to our L30 family.
The tasks I want to address in my new role are multiple. We will be seeking the international class status so the class can conduct world championships. With this we will be promoting the class to the mew countries and communities to further extend our fleet. As new sailors will be joining our family, I will seek to maintain integrity of the class so the one-design rule will be strictly maintained.
I will be seeking to diversify our racing and meeting calendar. The L30 boat is really all-round performer so the Association will try to add more venues for our fleet. Ideally, we would like to establish a year-round series with overall and event trophies so that every crew will have a chance to shine.
Therefore, I appreciate hearing from all the class members on any issues concerning L30 class. No matter how large will our community become, I believe every voice counts.

Fair winds and all the best,
Klaus Wagner,
President of the L30 Class Association