Dear Class Members, Dear Fellow Sailors,
With great honor and joy I am writing this greeting as L30 Class Associations president.
Almost half a year ago, during the first L30 Class Championship, I was elected to found the Class Association and path the way towards an International Class status.
A lot has happened since, mainly due to the our tireless efforts and commitments.
We have not only created the most versatile boat available but have also positioned the class on the fore front of World Sailing. Only very few, if any class can say that, has spread it in only two years over three continents and has won the “Boat of the Year Awards” in various countries.
As versatile as the boat is, as diverse are the boat owners and teams, which makes the class truly cosmopolite. Produced in two different manufacturing sites in Europe, making use of equipment from top suppliers around the world. Raced in Hong Kong, Japan, Hungary, USA, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine…. Just imagining all these flags, is drawing a very colorful picture in my head.
Apart from spectacular offshore racing, the biggest fleet of L30 has yet gathered on Lake Balaton, an area which is known for mainly extreme light winds. This underlines again the great versatility of the boat since it performance in 3kn as greatly as it does in 42kn (tested myself) of wind.
May be it was, apart from its outstanding technical and performance advantages, this open minded, worldwide approach, that convinced World Sailing to select the L30 as supplied equipment for the new “ World Sailing Offshore World Championship”. The recognition the boat and the class gained through that decision has been tremendous.
Reviewing the afore said, we all – everybody involved – can be extremely happy and proud of being part of something truly great developing. We achieved almost the “squareness of the circle” with the design of the L30, and every owner has made a very educated decision to buy the boat on the market which ticks the most boxes by far.
I am looking forward to work with you and meeting you on the course equally as at the bar.

All the best,
Rasmus Töpsch
President of the L30 class association